School of Nursing

Dr. Eunyoung Lee
Assoc Prof
Office: Waldron Hall 0333
Dr. Lee is an Associate Professor in Nursing, tenured in 2016 at Radford University She completed her PhD at the Univ. California, San Francisco in 2008 (major in Nursing, minor in Genetics at UCSF and minor in Pain management at University Washington) and has taught in higher education for 12 years. She is elected as a Fellow of the American Heart Association since 2013. Her program of scholarship is focused on (a) interprofessional education and practice through integrative medicine between traditional and oriental/alternative medicine, (b) innovative teaching pedagogies (e.g., Grand Round sessions, peer patient round table evaluation), etc, (c) transitional care from hospital to home, and (d) early detection of coronary artery disease through acoustic cardiography, ankle-brachial index, and p-termal force (of Electrocardiology), (e) evidence-based practice to improve heart disease management through the deeper understanding the correlation with other disease and heart disease (e.g., Ankle-Brachial Index Score and CAD, sleep apnea and a-fib, etc). She is a licensed nurse practitioner since 2007 and has been practiced as an acute and primary, and family nurse practitioner in internal medicine and cardiology in hospital settings, clinics, and long-term care facilities.